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Trademark Registration

A registered mark gives you a presumption of ownership and a presumed right to use the brand nationwide giving you broader protection in courts. Once registered, present yourself as an established and serious business with the ® symbol after your name, logo or slogan.

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Trademark Statement of Use or Extension

If you filed an Intent-To-Use trademark application, you must file a Statement of Use before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will allow your trademark application to register. A Statement of Use demonstrates that you are using your trademark to advertise your goods and services.

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Trademark Office Action

If you have received a notice of Office action from the USPTO, you are being notified that there are problems with your trademark application. If you failed to reply within 6 months or your response doesnot meet the requirements, you may forever lose your right to use that trademark.

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Trademark Renewal

Trademark owners are required to periodically file renewal documents to demonstrate their continued use of their registered marks. Renewal filings are required on the 5th and 10th anniversary of the registration date and every 10 years thereafter.

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Design Patent

Quick and easy online questionnaire
Drafting up to 7 professional patent drawings
15 years of design patent rights without any renewal fees

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LLC Services

Whether you're ready to form or still deciding, we've got your back. Learn if an LLC is right for you—or enter your name to get started.

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