Best Price Guarantee

If you find a cheaper service provider of an equivalent service, we will match their price and take 5% off of your order.

We promise to offer the most competitive price for our services of the same quality.

If you find a competitor who offers an equivalent service for a lower price, we will match it and discount your order for that service by 5%.

LegalHoop offers a variety of back-office services to enable you to take your business global. To provide you with the best quality service, we continuously seek out the best service providers, assess their product quality, and negotiate with them to provide competitive, transparent fees that we are able to pass on to you.

We strongly believe in our mission to provide our customers the best no-hassle experience for the lowest price, and we commit to price-matching any legitimate service provider offering a like-for-like service at a lower price in the country of your operation (outside of your headquartered country).

How This Works

This offer applies to any of our 200+ countries' services or search offerings. If you find a provider advertising any of these services at a lower price, send us an email at with details of the competing offer and a screenshot of the price offering. Please make sure to include the site address, for a web site, or forward the entire email, if it is an email-based offer. Once we confirm that the service offers the same features as ours at a more competitive price, we will send you confirmation of the price-match less 5% for that particular service.

Please note what we're talking about is same quality service, beware of those $49, $69, $99 Trademark "Filing Services" Scams, who would file your trademark without attorney represented or lock you into recurring subscription charges. Once you receive our confirmation, you can then order the service from our website at the regular pricing and we will refund the required amount within 24 business hours.